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Miscellaneous rambles

I know I’m going to lie awake tonight
And cry a million tears
Hope the stars and earth help me,
Help me to disappear.

It’s not enough it’s not enough
I feel for you I cry for you
But it’s not enough it just isn’t
You tried I know you did
But it died I’m sorry it did
I tried I hope you know
But we have nothing left to show

So my eyes lie awake at night
Pools of despair, just need to be held tight
But you’re not there,
lying next to me in body away in mind
I can’t speak to you for I fear the future
In case you don’t enjoy how your girl is set to destroy
Herself, her eyes –
Crying despite
Having a life of delight
On paper with pen etched deep into the depths
Your skin a map for others to cut…

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